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Quatenus Team Edition: The Solution for Efficient Team Management and Field Services

Plan tasks centrally and send them automatically to technicians in the field. Record all the details of the work order in one place and access them whenever you need to, monitor execution in real time, the availability of each employee, respond to emergencies and absences easily and without problems. The Quatenus Team Edition platform for team management and Field Services is essential for efficient communication between technicians and the office on every work order.

Allow your technicians to view detailed work orders when they are in the field, update job information, communicate operational status, mobile time clock, record vacations and absences. See updates on your field technicians' tasks in near real time: The task sent to the field via the technician's smartphone contains all the information needed to carry out the task (Timetable, automatic Site Navigation, customer and contact information, details of the Work Order to be carried out, digital documents).

A App Quatenus MyTeam está disponível em todos os smartphones (Android).

What is team management?

More efficient team management makes it possible to optimize productivity, improve communication and control operations. To achieve this, it is essential to have agile, intelligent and reliable team management software.

Main features of team management Quatenus software?

In this context, Quatenus presents Quatenus Team Edition, a comprehensive solution that offers advanced features for managing teams and Field Services via cell phone with centralized management via the web. It provides a complete, real-time view of team activities in the field, planning and monitoring of service execution, control of delays and productivity times, attendance, absences and possibilities for substitutions, management of vacation authorization, real-time location and performance of your employees. All processes are now digital and tasks are sent automatically to the employee's cell phone, with detailed service instructions, navigation to the site, customer contact, photos and communication, improving efficiency and quality of service for the customer.

Product ranges


Quatenus Team ONE - GPS location of mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets

Quatenus Team EXPRESS - Location and management of teams, tasks and mobile equipment (cell phones and tablets), planning and control of execution and monitoring of work orders including detailed operation reports.

Quatenus Team PROFESSIONAL - A complete solution for managing Field Services with dynamic service orders (digital forms with photos and videos), sending information in real time to Head Office and to the Customer, using Quatenus MyDocs, which enables the digital transformation and digitization of all business processes.

Team Management Software - Localization


Team Management Software - SMS/Email Alerts

SMS/Email Alerts

Team Management Software - Usage History

Usage History

Team Management Software - Timesheets


Team Management Software - Quality of Service

Quality of Service


Quatenus Team Edition advanced features

Quatenus Team Edition is the ideal platform for managing teams in the field (Field Services) to manage resources, means, availability and the tasks required to implement your business.

Map with team locations in real time

Map with team locations in real time

View the status, location and position relative to the destination of each member of the Field Services team in real time with satellite mapping. The map information is updated as soon as the information is received in real time.

Activity History

View GPS location, operating hours, assigned and completed tasks, execution times with a history of up to 2 years of data, thus allowing analysis in the past for any situation that arises over time.

Timeline | All events from registered devices

Timeline | All events from registered devices

Quatenus has an exclusive event engine that records all the events that occur with each piece of equipment assigned to the employee, allowing them to be consulted in real time on a structured minute-by-minute timeline with details of each event for professional analysis of what happened with a particular piece of equipment and employee (e.g. power failure, crashes, equipment restarted, etc.).

Tracker | Mobile phone locator with low power consumption

By installing the product on the cell phones and tablets of Field Services teams, it is no longer necessary to call each employee to check their location. Inform your customer of their employee's location quickly and immediately, checking their location in just a few clicks.

MyTeam | Mobile App for Employees and Coordinators

MyTeam | Mobile App for Employees and Coordinators

Mobile application that allows operators to manage tasks to be carried out, consult history (2 years), navigate directly to the location of each task, consult the Client's contact details, record group or individual execution statuses, comments and notes on tasks, photos, voice comments, punch in on the cell phone, schedule vacations and absences, consult process documentation. The coordinator can manage and create tasks, monitor completion statistics, check the availability of their teams by viewing productivity dashboards.

MyDocs | Digital forms for dynamic tasks

A mobile application that allows employees to fill in dynamic digital forms according to the types of tasks performed. A fundamental tool in the digital transformation of the company's processes on the ground, collecting information in real time about tasks. Data, processes, pdfs, photos and videos are sent to the back office as soon as the task is started, suspended or completed. This feature allows tasks to be monitored in real time, with the digitization of processes, customization of each operation and a reduction in operating costs; increasing the quality of operations and reducing operational errors.

Advanced Team Management Reports

Advanced Team Management Reports

More than 25 dedicated reports for managing the team's location and activity, which can be generated at any time or scheduled for automatic receipt by e-mail, including activity, technical management, idle times, task execution statistics, etc.

Dashboards + AI - Customizable Artificial Intelligence

Dashboards + AI - Customizable Artificial Intelligence

Using BigData Analytics and A.I., have all the relevant information in one place with dashboard visualization of your teams' activity, control of times at the customer, analysis of km's traveled, comparison of planned vs. actual, total costs and detection of abnormal patterns in Field Services. With all the information summarized and centralized in the analytical dashboards, the team manager's decision-making becomes faster and easier. Functionality available via web or mobile.

Geographical and multi-operator tasks

Geographical and multi-operator tasks

Using Quatenus Team Edition, operators in the field only need their cell phone to receive work orders containing all the relevant information for locating and navigating to the task, allowing them to carry out from the simplest to the most complex tasks using multi-operators.

Alarm | Real-time and customizable alarms

Alarm | Real-time and customizable alarms

Configure your alarms and events in the Quatenus event engine, customizable to your business (e.g. delayed start of tasks, excessive retention times, task not completed, lack of start of day). Receive messages by SMS, e-mail and/or direct message on your cell phone with the information that is most important to your business.

Equipment | Management of assigned mobile equipment

Equipment | Management of assigned mobile equipment

The team management platform includes the management of mobile equipment such as cell phones, tablets, printers, SIM cards and applications authorized for use by operators. The process of assigning and returning equipment is thus centralized in a single location with the possibility of traceability at any time.

OFFLINE | Online or offline operation

OFFLINE | Online or offline operation

All Quatenus Team Edition systems are designed to work in offline mode, so that technicians can always be up and running quickly, regardless of whether they are working in areas with poor coverage or even inside buildings or tunnels. The data is stored on the cell phone, which downloads automatically as soon as the data or Wi-Fi connection is restored.

HOLIDAYS | Absence and vacation management on your cell phone

HOLIDAYS | Absence and vacation management on your cell phone

Easily manage the recording of vacations or absences (with a record of the corresponding receipts), automatically affecting the planning of tasks. The recording of vacations by resources is easy to carry out and manage directly on the cell phone at any place or time. The corresponding notifications and authorizations to the team coordinator let you know the teams' expected availability at any time.

Your organization is part of the management system

Your organization is part of the management system

The structure of the organization chart, works, projects, sites and folders is fully configurable by the client, allowing teams, access, reports and authorizations to be organized according to the structure of your organization. Support for cost centers and business units directly integrated into information queries.

Working Status | Mobile Time Clock

Working Status| Mobile Time Clock

The time control of mobile teams can now be done in the field from the first minute of starting work anywhere, through the status recording feature available in the Quatenus MyTeam app. The employee autonomously registers all the states they are in from the start of the day, whether they are on the move, on duty, having meals or taking breaks, thus allowing the Time Sheet to be generated automatically.

Webservices (API) | Native integration with Client systems

Webservices (API) | Native integration with Client systems

Using a set of standard webservices (API) allows the information collected by technicians to be integrated online with the systems in use in your organization or to export information to external systems. With this integration between systems, you can reduce usage costs and improve the profitability of using different systems. Native integration is possible with various ERP, CRM and GIS systems.

GDPR | 100% compliance with privacy legislation

GDPR | 100% compliance with privacy legislation

Quatenus solutions are adapted to ensure full compliance with European laws on privacy and data protection for companies and clients. Specific features for controlling access to information, encryption, storing driver data or exercising the "right to be forgotten" directly on the platform, allow the organization to comply with the legislation.

Accurate data that can be used to validate incorrect testimonials or proof of activity for Client

Accurate data that can be used to validate incorrect testimonials or proof of activity for Client

Protection and security of your fleet, drivers and employees against allegations, fines, true times based on atomic clock data, high-precision GPS position and factual reports certified by Quatenus that serve as proof in case of doubt or litigation.


App Quatenus MyTeam

Follow your business everywhere.

Get visibility and manage your teams, anytime, anywhere, in the palm of your hand.


Using the app, you can obtain the location of your teams, points of interest, analyze the proximity between employees or check the status of planned tasks.

To take advantage of these features, you just need to be connected to the internet.

So you can manage your operation and your teams wherever you are, at any time.

Advantages of using team management software

Using a team management software like Quatenus Team Edition offers a number of advantages to all kinds of companies. Let's take a look at some of them:

Increased operational efficiency

With proper team management, it is possible to optimize the workflow, ensuring that tasks are assigned correctly, that employees are in the right place at the right time. This results in greater operational efficiency and reduced waste of time and resources.

Better communication and coordination

Team management software provides efficient communication between different team members, enabling faster and more accurate coordination of tasks. This reduces the possibility of errors, repetitions and delays, increasing productivity and the quality of all work done.

Greater visibility and control

With Quatenus Team Edition, companies have a clear, real-time view of their teams' activities. This gives them greater control over the progress of tasks, meeting deadlines and solving unforeseen problems in a more agile way.

Better use of resources

Team management software helps to better identify the availability of human and material resources. This way, companies can allocate resources more efficiently, avoiding overloads or unnecessary idleness.

Data-driven decision making

With the reports and analytics provided by Quatenus Team Edition, companies have access to valuable information for strategic decision-making. With this team management software it is possible to identify bottlenecks, assess productivity and optimize team operations based on hard data.

Team management is an essential part of any company's success. Quatenus Team Edition team management software offers advanced features that enable efficient, coordinated and secure administration of your teams' activities.

By using them, companies can achieve greater productivity, better communication and greater control over operations. As a result, they can make informed, evidence-based decisions.

Investing in team management software is essential for companies looking to improve their processes and achieve greater operational success.

With its expertise in tracking and telemetry solutions, Quatenus offers you a reliable and efficient option for team management with Quatenus Team Edition.

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Quatenus has solutions not only for geolocation and fleet management, but also for advanced telemetry for asset control. No matter what you want to monitor, today Quatenus software supports multi-assets from the most different market segments, generating real-time information to support managers' decisions.

In addition to solutions for the conventional B2B market, Quatenus develops Corporate Projects through its own unit in order to solve complex problems in large companies.

Whether it's telemetry for production machines, managing dispersed teams in the field, supporting the digital transformation of businesses or controlling stocks using Bluetooth tags, we have clear solutions and are years ahead of the market in terms of differentiation, being a clear barrier to entry for new competitors.

Quatenus has more than 300,000 customers on 4 continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa and America, and is the only company with this global reach. Its clients include large multinationals in the areas of transport and machinery management, small and medium-sized companies (such as bakeries, printers, drugstores, security companies, driving schools, among others) that want to manage their fleet to reduce costs.

Fleet costs generally represent the second largest cost center in companies and our aim is to help entrepreneurs control their assets in order to reduce their costs.

Yes, and we are one of the only companies in the world to have our own technology, which guarantees customer security, capacity and in-house technological competence. We have a solid and highly skilled software engineering team, so we have the autonomy to respond to the most diverse clients, each with their own needs. Our team is highly qualified!

It's a set of items that are unique. Quatenus has developed its own software that generates information security for the user, without external interference, as well as being the most complete system on the market, recommended by more than 100,000 clients (small, medium and large business owners) on 4 continents where we operate.

Quatenus has its own engineering team that receives feedback from our clients and develops the functionalities to meet the clients' real needs. In this way we are able to provide a solution that meets the real needs of the market.

Yes, the device works like a "black box". As well as sending the data to the cloud server (we're an Amazon Partner), Quatenus also ensures that the latest locations are stored in its internal memory. Historical information is stored securely in the cloud for up to 5 years.

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