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Equipment and Asset Management: Get to know the Automatic Management Software for Equipment, Machinery and Goods called Quatenus Asset Edition

The ideal solution for companies with outdoor assets such as machinery management and rental, factories, construction, forestry and land management, construction sites on public roads, agricultural companies, trailers, infrastructure management and companies with other mobile equipment (e.g. e-bikes, tools, engines, water/fuel tanks). This service enables the connected management of machines and mobile assets using GPS and their real-time telemetry (location, operating times, fuel level, oil level pressure, faults, tilt or impact detection, etc.) all on a single platform accessible via the Internet or smartphone.

What is equipment management?

Equipment management is the control and proper maintenance of various pieces of equipment, through careful monitoring of each one.

With the right equipment maintenance management software for your needs, you'll ensure greater productivity, reduce costs and avoid unexpected interruptions or losses. In this context, Quatenus Asset Edition equipment management software stands out as a complete and efficient solution for monitoring and controlling these important assets.

Main Features of Quatenus Software for Equipment and Asset Management by GPS

Quatenus Asset Edition is equipment management software developed by Quatenus, a technology company with extensive experience in the monitoring and telemetry solutions market. 

Our software has been designed to give all types of companies a detailed, real-time view of their equipment, enabling them to manage their entire fleet more efficiently and strategically.

Quatenus Asset Edition offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities that contribute to efficient and secure equipment management.

Among its many features and functionalities, the main features of the equipment management software include:

Product ranges

Quatenus Asset Mobile

Quatenus Asset Mobile - Plug&play solution for GPS location of equipment without its own power using a locator with an internal, waterproof battery. Ideal for trailers and mobile goods.

Quatenus Asset Machine - Complete machine management via GPS with telemetry for each machine, operating times, maintenance and detailed equipment records.

Equipment Management Software - Localization


Equipment Management Software - SMS/Email Alerts

SMS/Email Alerts

Equipment Management Software - Usage History

Usage History

Equipment Management Software - Advanced Asset Management

Advanced Asset Management

Equipment Management Software - Cost of Use

Cost of Use

Equipment Management Software - Examples of managed machines

Examples of managed machines

Real Time Monitoring

Real-Time Map with Satellite Cartography

Instantly visualize the current status and speed of monitored assets in real time using satellite cartography. Keep up to date with real-time information as soon as it is received

Electronic Fence for Construction Work and After-Hours Activity Alarm

Customize your alerts with markers (GeoObjects) or areas (GeoAreas) to receive geographic notifications in real time, such as detecting entry into specific areas or activities outside the stipulated hours, ensuring effective security and monitoring.

Alert Management

Activity History

Access detailed GPS location, speed, operating hours, mileage and telemetry data in real time. Consult the complete history (up to 2 years of data) for detailed analysis of past situations.

Timeline | Minute-by-minute record of equipment events

Use Quatenus' exclusive event engine to access minute-by-minute records of all events related to your machines in real time. Analyze each event in detail for efficient management.

Reporting and Analysis

Recording Hours Worked directly from the Engine

Get precise information on the working hours of your equipment directly from the engine or alternator, allowing centralized management of the operation with reliable data on wear and maintenance.

GPS Locator with Long Battery Life and IPX7

Assets without their own power, such as tools and bicycles, can be monitored with the Quatenus ASSET device, which has a high-capacity battery (up to 2 years) and protection against water and rain (IPX7), all with a simple plug&play installation.

Quatenus MyFleet Mobile App for Android and iOS

Manage all your equipment conveniently and effectively with the Quatenus MyFleet mobile application. Access essential information such as location, history, operating hours and statistics directly on your mobile device.

Advanced Equipment Management and Activity Control Reports

Take advantage of more than 20 reports dedicated to equipment management, including activity reports, technical management and fuel use, with the possibility of scheduling their automatic receipt by e-mail.

Lock | Remote Immobilization

Ensure the safety of your equipment with the remote immobilization feature, ideal for risky situations or managing machines in park out of hours. All of this is accessible via PC or the Quatenus MyFleet mobile application

Alarm | Customizable Real-Time Alarms

Customize your alarms according to your business needs and receive real-time notifications by SMS, email or direct message on your smartphone, keeping you informed of important

Driver-ID | Machine Operator Identification

Automatically identify machine operators using RFID cards or keys, associating each operator with the equipment used for precise fleet management analysis.

Operational status button

Facilitate communication about the operational status or availability of equipment on site, streamlining processes and enabling more efficient management of operations.

CAN MACHINE | Direct Connection to Equipment Computer

Get advanced telemetry data directly from the machine's computer via CAN-MACHINE, allowing full control of vehicle information in real time.

Webservices (API) | Native Integration with Client Systems

Easily integrate data from GPS equipment with the management systems in use in your organization, reducing costs and improving the profitability of use between different systems.

GDPR | Full Compliance with Privacy Legislation

Quatenus solutions are adapted to fully comply with European privacy and data protection laws. Control of access to information, encryption, archiving of driver data or exercising the "right to be forgotten" directly on the platform ensure compliance with legislation.


Quatenus MyFleet APP

Take your business with you at all times, with total visibility and control over your fleet, wherever you are, at your fingertips.

With the Quatenus MyFleet application, you can monitor the location of your vehicles, points of interest and nearby devices within a specific radius, ensuring real-time tracking. What's more, you have immediate access to events that have occurred in your vehicles.


Perform management operations directly on your smartphone, from managing vehicle maintenance and inspections to recording expenses, all easily and quickly.

To take advantage of these features, you just need to be connected to the internet.

That way, you can manage your fleet wherever you are, at any time.


Advantages of Using Equipment Management Software

Using an equipment management software like Quatenus Asset Edition offers numerous advantages to the companies that use it.

Its main advantage lies in the ability to have complete, real-time control over all the equipment in the fleet.

This allows you to track its location, status and performance, facilitating operational management and decision-making.

Increased Efficiency in Preventive Maintenance

Equipment management software provides greater efficiency in preventive maintenance. With the information collected and alerts properly configured, maintenance can be planned and carried out more proactively, avoiding unscheduled downtime and reducing emergency repair costs.

Monitoring of fuel consumption and equipment use

With all this collected data in hand, companies can identify poor practices, including excessive idling or high fuel consumption, and take action to correct these problems, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Reporting and Analysis

With equipment management software, all management is optimized through reports and analytics provided by the software. With this detailed information, it is possible to identify usage patterns, assess the productivity of each piece of equipment and make decisions based on hard data.

The use of Quatenus Asset Edition equipment management software brings significant advantages to companies, such as real-time control, efficient preventive maintenance, consumption and usage monitoring, as well as reports and analyzes for more strategic management.

With this solution, it is possible to optimize equipment operation, reduce costs and increase productivity in a safe and reliable way. Therefore, investing in equipment management software is essential for companies that want to achieve efficient and competitive management of their assets.

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Increase efficiency and monitor fuel consumption with Quatenus Asset Machine Edition.

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Quatenus has solutions not only for geolocation and fleet management, but also for advanced telemetry for asset control. No matter what you want to monitor, today Quatenus software supports multi-assets from the most different market segments, generating real-time information to support managers' decisions.

In addition to solutions for the conventional B2B market, Quatenus develops Corporate Projects through its own unit in order to solve complex problems in large companies.

Whether it's telemetry for production machines, managing dispersed teams in the field, supporting the digital transformation of businesses or controlling stocks using Bluetooth tags, we have clear solutions and are years ahead of the market in terms of differentiation, being a clear barrier to entry for new competitors.

Quatenus has more than 300,000 customers on 4 continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa and America, and is the only company with this global reach. Its clients include large multinationals in the areas of transport and machinery management, small and medium-sized companies (such as bakeries, printers, drugstores, security companies, driving schools, among others) that want to manage their fleet to reduce costs.

Fleet costs generally represent the second largest cost center in companies and our aim is to help entrepreneurs control their assets in order to reduce their costs.

Yes, and we are one of the only companies in the world to have our own technology, which guarantees customer security, capacity and in-house technological competence. We have a solid and highly skilled software engineering team, so we have the autonomy to respond to the most diverse clients, each with their own needs. Our team is highly qualified!

It's a set of items that are unique. Quatenus has developed its own software that generates information security for the user, without external interference, as well as being the most complete system on the market, recommended by more than 100,000 clients (small, medium and large entrepreneurs) on 4 continents where we operate.

Quatenus has its own engineering team that receives feedback from our clients and develops the functionalities to meet the clients' real needs. In this way we are able to provide a solution that meets the real needs of the market.

Yes, the device works like a "black box". As well as sending the data to the cloud server (we're an Amazon Partner), Quatenus also ensures that the latest locations are stored in its internal memory. Historical information is stored securely in the cloud for up to 5 years.

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