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Quatenus Fleet Edition: The Power of GPS Fleet Management to optimize your business through the most complete platform with telemetry and real-time features that will exceed your expectations.

Quatenus GPS fleet management software is the most complete tool with state-of-the-art technology to help companies automate the process of managing and monitoring their fleet of vehicles with gains in productivity and efficiency. 

As GPS fleet management software, Quatenus Fleet Edition is used to monitor and control various aspects related to your vehicles and fleet, such as real-time location, CAN telemetry, travel history, maintenance, automatic mileage recording, times at locations, driving safety, speed alerts, fuel consumption, recording of operating expenses for the entire fleet, import of toll costs, carsharing management, insurance, claims, route planning, documentation or maintenance scheduling, among others.

What is a GPS Fleet Management?

Fleet management is an essential activity for companies with a fleet of vehicles or mobile assets that are constantly on the move.

It is a complex process that involves monitoring, controlling, and optimizing all aspects related to your vehicles, from their location in real-time to preventive maintenance actions.

To assist you in this challenging task, Quatenus offers the Quatenus Fleet Edition: a highly advanced GPS fleet management software that enables you to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your operations.

Key Features of the Quatenus GPS Fleet Management Software

Quatenus' GPS fleet management software has features such as real-time tracking, advanced telemetry, preventive maintenance, and cost control.

This GPS fleet management software allows you to monitor your vehicles in real-time, collect performance data, schedule maintenance, and control fleet expenses, giving you more efficient and strategic management.

Product ranges

Fleet ONE

Quatenus Fleet ONE - GPS tracking with vehicle and driver management

Quatenus Fleet EXPRESS - GPS tracking and fleet management for medium-sized fleets

Quatenus Fleet PRO - Fleet management and advanced telemetry for heavy and/or large fleets.

Fleet Management Software - Usage History

Usage History

Fleet Management Software - Localization


Fleet Management Software - Cost of Use

Cost of Use

Fleet Management Software - Telemetry


Fleet Management Software - Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

Fleet Management Software - Utilization Rate Optimization

Utilization Rate Optimization

Fleet Management Software - Event Configuration

Event Configuration

Fleet Management Software - Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Preventive Maintenance

Timeline | All Registered Events

Take advantage of Quatenus' exclusive event engine, which records all events related to your vehicles. Consult these events in real time on a minute-by-minute structured timeline, with precise details of each occurrence for professional analysis, such as accident situations.

Electronic Fence and Real-Time Activity Alarm

Customize alerts based on markers (GeoObjects) or areas (GeoAreas), enabling real-time geographical alerts. Activate automatic perimeter alarms configurable by vehicle for situations such as theft detection or unauthorized use.

Traffic Data and Camera (Live View)

Access traffic information and street view images of the areas traveled by your vehicles, facilitating operational traffic and fleet management.

Quatenus MyFleet Mobile App for Android and iOS

The Quatenus MyFleet mobile application offers comprehensive management for fleet managers and drivers, providing information such as location, history, statistics, maintenance, expenses, safety and dashboards directly on mobile devices.

Expenses | Integrated Fleet and Employee Expense Management

Control the expenses associated with your assets, calculating the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and the cost per km. Record fuel and maintenance expenses via the app, allowing direct queries and authorizations from your cell phone.

Advanced Fleet and Activity Management Reports

Get access to more than 50 reports dedicated to fleet management, covering activity, technical management, costs, daily kilometers, fuel use, speeding events and schedule compliance.

Real-time Digital Tachograph

View your vehicles' tachograph data in real time, allowing you to analyze the information without having to contact the drivers.

GDPR | 100% Compliance with Privacy Legislation

Quatenus solutions are adapted to fully comply with European privacy and data protection laws. Control of access to information, encryption, archiving of driver data or exercising the “right to be forgotten” directly on the platform ensure compliance with legislation.

Fuels | Fuel Consumption and Supply Control

Get direct readings of fuel consumption and liters, allowing you to measure, control and compare consumption, averages and refueling. Import expenses from fuel suppliers to detect fraudulent use of cards through alarms and specialized reports.

Management of Professional or Personal Use

Optimize the automatic management of professional and personal use of vehicles based on time and driver feedback, applying authorization rules, fuel and km caps. Improve cost analysis of fleet use.

Business CarSharing | Car Sharing Management

Make it easier to manage vehicle reservations and assignments by applying shared mobility to your internal fleet. Manage the entire process, from booking to return, providing efficiency and reducing the cost of idle or underused vehicles.

Lockout | Remote Immobilization

Ensure safety with remote vehicle immobilization in the event of theft or vehicle management in a parking lot. Control this functionality from your PC or directly via the Quatenus MyFleet app.

Alarm | Real-time and Customizable Alarms

Set up personalized alarms and events based on business rules, receiving messages by SMS, email or direct message. Customize alerts, such as speeding, detention or customer arrival alarms.

Driver-ID | Identification of Drivers in Vehicles

Automatically identify which driver is using each vehicle, using RFID or Key cards. Associate data with each trip, allowing detailed analysis of fleet management.

SOS | Emergency Button

Add an extra layer of security with the in-vehicle SOS Button service. In emergency situations, trigger a security alert for an immediate response from the company.

Cold | Wireless Temperature Sensors

For cold engine management and refrigerated goods transportation, install temperature sensors in vehicles. Ensure compliance with regulations when transporting goods by monitoring the temperature in real time.

MyDriver | Virtual Tachograph APP | Driver Time and Attendance Management

The MyDriver application helps to manage drivers' time and attendance, complying with current regulations. Record driving times, rest periods, meals and availability, issuing reports directly from the cell phone.

Maintenance | Maintenance Management Directly on the Mobile Phone

Manage maintenance periods, record future maintenance, tire and oil changes, etc. for each type of vehicle. Receive alerts of approaching dates and relevant mileage, all via the web system or app.

Documentação da Viatura e Condutores no Telemóvel

Digitalize e centralize toda a documentação legal da viatura e condutor. Receba alertas de documentos expirados diretamente na app Quatenus MyFleet para correções imediatas.

Câmaras de Vídeo com AI + ADAS + DMS

Registe vídeos frontais e da cabine com sistemas avançados de assistência ao condutor (ADAS) e monitorização do condutor (DMS). Aceda a vídeos em tempo real e alarmes para eventos críticos.

Dashboards + AI - Customizable Artificial Intelligence

Use Big Data and AI analysis and have customized dashboards to visualize activity, fuel consumption, fleet km analysis, heatmaps, total costs and pattern detection. Faster and easier decision-making for fleet managers.

Your organization is part of our management system

Configure the organizational chart and folder structure according to your organization. Manage access, reports and authorizations according to your company structure, including support for cost centers and business units.

Speed on the Road | Automatic Speed Limits

Set alerts and speed limits automatically based on the roads where vehicles are traveling. This ensures compliance with legislation by adjusting to the limits set for drivers' routes.

VIP | Driver Data Privacy and Encryption

Protect confidential driver information with the VIP feature, guaranteeing individual privacy and full compliance with the GDPR.

Electric Vehicles

Monitor not only combustion vehicles, but also electric vehicles, hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Access specific information such as battery level and charging status. This compatibility is a reality for all new vehicles on the market (e.g. Tesla, Nissan, BYD, etc.), guaranteeing effective help with sustainability efforts, innovation and improving fleet costs.

CAN BOX | Direct connection to on-board computer

Connect directly to the vehicle's computer via CAN to obtain advanced telemetry data. Precisely control information such as fuel level, consumption, RPM, battery and much more.

Webservices (API) | Native Integration with Operating Systems

Integrate the information collected by GPS equipment online with the customer's existing systems or export data to external systems. Reduce costs and improve profitability with native integration with various ERP, CRM and GIS systems.

Accurate data that can be used to validate incorrect testimonials or proof of activity for Clients

Protection and security for your fleet, drivers and employees against allegations, fines, toll passage validation, true times based on atomic clock data, high-precision GPS position and factual reports certified by Quatenus that serve as proof in the event of doubt or litigation.


Quatenus MyFleet APP

Take your business with you at all times, with total visibility and control over your fleet, wherever you are, at your fingertips.

With the Quatenus MyFleet application, you can monitor the location of your vehicles, points of interest and nearby devices within a specific radius, ensuring real-time tracking. What's more, you have immediate access to events that have occurred in your vehicles.


Perform management operations directly on your smartphone, from managing vehicle maintenance and inspections to recording expenses, all easily and quickly.

To take advantage of these features, you just need to be connected to the internet.

So you can manage your fleet wherever you are, at any time.

Advantages of Using Fleet Management Software

The use of GPS fleet management software brings several advantages to companies, from increased operational efficiency and route optimization to cost reduction.

Moreover, Fleet Edition enables the implementation of preventive maintenance actions, avoiding mechanical failures and reducing expenses with emergency repairs. Among all the advantages of Quatenus' GPS fleet management software, the main ones include:

Increased productivity and profitability

With our GPS fleet management software Quatenus Fleet Edition, companies can optimize their fleet operations, reduce downtime and improve vehicle efficiency, increasing the productivity and profitability of their business.

Reduction of operational costs

Quatenus' GPS fleet management software allows you to identify and correct any inappropriate driver behavior, such as excessive speeds or sudden acceleration, reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Moreover, the cost control offered by our GPS fleet management software helps to eliminate unnecessary expenses and identify opportunities for savings.

Improved customer service

With the real-time location of vehicles, it is possible to provide accurate information to customers about the status of deliveries and their time estimates, enabling more efficient and reliable service and improving customer satisfaction.

Efficient asset management

Quatenus Fleet Edition is a GPS fleet management software that enables comprehensive management of your assets by providing more detailed information about your performance, maintenance, and vehicle utilization. This helps companies make informed decisions about fleet renewal, asset reallocation and other management strategies.

Enhanced Security

Quatenus GPS fleet management software contributes to the safety of your vehicles and drivers. With advanced telemetry features, you can monitor and analyze risky driving behavior, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

In addition, cost control also allows you to check the validity of insurance and carry out preventive maintenance actions, ensuring that vehicles are in good condition.

Quatenus Fleet Edition is a powerful and comprehensive GPS fleet management software that offers advanced features for companies looking to optimize their operations.

With a real-time tracking service, advanced telemetry, preventive maintenance and cost control, GPS fleet management software makes it possible to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, improve customer service and guarantee the safety of vehicles and drivers. 

Quatenus is a specialist in fleet management, always ready to respond to the specific needs of each business with our GPS fleet management software Quatenus Fleet Edition.

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Increase productivity and profitability by an additional 30% with Quatenus Fleet Edition.

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Quatenus has solutions not only for geolocation and fleet management, but also for advanced telemetry for asset control. No matter what you want to monitor, today Quatenus software supports multi-assets from the most different market segments, generating real-time information to support managers' decisions.

In addition to solutions for the conventional B2B market, Quatenus develops Corporate Projects through its own unit in order to solve complex problems in large companies.

Whether it's telemetry for production machines, managing dispersed teams in the field, supporting the digital transformation of businesses or controlling stocks using Bluetooth tags, we have clear solutions and are years ahead of the market in terms of differentiation, being a clear barrier to entry for new competitors.

Quatenus has more than 300,000 customers on 4 continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa and America, and is the only company with this global reach. Its clients include large multinationals in the areas of transport and machinery management, small and medium-sized companies (such as bakeries, printers, drugstores, security companies, driving schools, among others) that want to manage their fleet to reduce costs.

Fleet costs generally represent the second largest cost center in companies and our aim is to help entrepreneurs control their assets in order to reduce their costs.

Yes, and we are one of the only companies in the world to have our own technology, which guarantees customer security, capacity and in-house technological competence. We have a solid and highly skilled software engineering team, so we have the autonomy to respond to the most diverse clients, each with their own needs. Our team is highly qualified!

It's a set of items that are odd. Quatenus has developed its own software that generates information security for the user, without external interference, besides being the most complete system in the market recommended by over 100,000 clients (small, medium, and large entrepreneurs) in 4 continents where we operate.

Quatenus has its own Engineering team that receives feedback from our clients and develops features to meet the real needs of the clients. This way, we can provide a solution that meets the real needs of the market.

Yes, the device functions as a "black box." Quatenus, besides sending data to the cloud server (we are an Amazon Partner), also ensures storage of the latest locations in its internal memory. The information history is securely stored in the cloud for a period of up to 5 years.

Our technology works through a device that is installed in a strategic location in your vehicle or your company's vehicle. You can then access the information emitted by the device via our application or web platform, and through this, control the routes your vehicle takes and its current location.

On average, according to research carried out by FROST&SULLIVAN (an international organization present in more than 40 countries), the fleet management and tracking solution allows us to:

  • reduce fuel costs by 15% (we have already had clients who have reduced their monthly costs by 45%);
  • reduce driving time by 18% (thus reducing risks and costs);
  • reduce kilometers traveled by 11%;
  • 40% savings in communication costs (you won't need to call the driver or employee to find out where they are. Just check Quatenus and see);
  • reduced driver downtime;
  • increased productivity (you'll notice that, on average, an employee who used to make 2 deliveries or commercial visits in the morning will start making 5 or 6 once they know Quatenus is installed).

What's more, you'll be able to:

  • the time it takes for your employees to reach their customers;
  • increase the safety of your vehicles and employees;
  • reduce accidents / crashes involving company vehicles;
  • reduce employee speeding in company vehicles;
  • reduce maintenance costs;
  • increase vehicle durability;
  • keep track of every trip made, with a history;
  • control the number of commercial visits;
  • visualize where your employee has driven;
  • visualize the places where your employee stopped with the car;
  • visualize how long your employee spent at each location;
  • see if your employee has used your company vehicle for personal use without authorization.
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